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Our first introduction to a true African safari, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area certainly made a lasting first impression and therefore will remain my favorite park. As we drove up to the crater's rim through the lush tropical forest, clearing the baboons out of the way, catching a glimpse of the Masaai people living their traditional lifestyles...the best was yet to come. Finally dropping into the crater floor of one of the largest intact volcanic caldera's in the world, my head was spinning in all directions trying to take in the sheer numbers of animals and birds that I was seeing in one area. As my friend said, we were dropped into the set of the Lion King!
Walk this WayNgorongoro Crater PanoramaFamily TimeYoung ObserverFit for a GiraffePlethora of WildlifeThis way or that wayWait for MeDon't Mind UsWatering HoleReflections at the Watering HoleCommon OstrichI see you tooExcuse MeAfternoon SiestaNot a BisonBlack RhinoAbdim's StorkGray Crowned CranesHippo Stares