About the Photographer ~

While photography has always been a favorite hobby of mine, it was not until I came 'out west' that the subject matter really began to grab my attention. I have had the wonderful opportunity of living and working in Yellowstone National Park since 2000, guiding and leading photography tours from 2005 to present which has allowed me to develop and pursue my passion for nature photography.  Working seasonally and traveling all over the world has given me lots of opportunities to practice my skills as a naturalist and a photographer, while forming a deeper bond with our amazing natural world.  From chasing my dreams of working in Alaska to finally indulging on an African safari, my camera and love of nature photography has provided countless opportunities for me.

I am proud to say I have now started my own guiding services offering one-on-one photography guiding in Yellowstone National Park catering to any camera models and skill sets that one may have, where together we can become the 'Artist Behind the Lens' painting your very own canvas of Yellowstone.  Please check out www.TouringWonderland.com if this may be of interest to you.   I also lead the Old Faithful Winter Photo Safari tour from mid December through late February.  Please sign up through www.yellowstonenationalparklodges.com. By improving our camera skills, and therefore heightening our interest to better capture the natural world around us, we become more invested in protecting that world!  Come along with me!

Every day is a new day and a new learning experience. The natural world is a moving picture, where we as photographers are able to capture that singular wondrous moment in time and preserve it forever. I feel it is so very important to gain as much knowledge as we can about a particular subject or landscape in order to fully appreciate its beauty and place in this world. I feel it is also important to be a good example for nature photographers and respect the land and animals that you are photographing.


P.S Since CulpepperPhotography has started doing exhibits, online sales and art shows several years ago, 5% of the small annual profit has been contributed to a different environmental organization each year.  Friends of the Earth Intl', Montana Nature Conservancy, Greater Yellowstone Coalition just to name a few, with several photo donations to Yellowstone Forever.    

Also, $5 from EACH African purchase will be donated to an anti-poaching charity (still to be selected) in hopes that together we can save the African elephants and rhinos from going extinct in OUR lifetime!


 I  want to thank each and everyone of you, for without your encouragement, interest and support, it would not be possible to chase after those dreams!