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Feeling very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a participant on a trip with the Great Bear Foundation, led by no other than the famous Charles 'Chuck' Jonkel who sadly passed away in April 2016. We took the long way up north crossing the vast landscape on a cold school bus, and then by train on up to Churchill, Manitoba. Here is where we hoped to see a few Polar Bears as they gather on the shores of Hudson Bay each fall waiting for the ice to form so they can go out and find their favorite meal, the Ringed Seal.
ChillingEbb and FlowSweet BearPolar ProfileSiesta TimeBottoms Up!Sprawled OutPeek a Boo!Upside Down!Waiting for the IceLooking BackPolar Bear WalkingEye on the kelpArctic Hare...Where?Arctic HareSow and CubSnow on the NoseSunset over Hudson Bay