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Kruger National Park was our last safari of our 5 week trip. Making our journey from the northern reaches of Kenya, all the way down to South Africa, Kruger was more similar to what we would expect back home, sans lions, giraffes, and zebras. Paved roads and many touring vehicles and private cars crowded the roads especially when there was a lion sighting. The result was a 4 lane pile up with cars going both directions in each lane. I thought Yellowstone was bad! However the topography of Kruger was my favorite of all the parks. Rolling hills with high buttes, acacia trees, and golden grass covered the landscape. Not to mention a nightcap of Amarula on our night safari! Here in Kruger, through the viewfinder of my camera and 400mm lens, I locked eyes with a male lion until the goosebumps on my arm persuaded me to look away.
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