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Many of these images are also found in their respective gallery where they were spotted, I thought I would also gather them here. Besides seeing the charismatic megafauna of the elephants, giraffes, zebras, etc...I was very interested and impressed and awed by the abundant bird diversity. The natural world never lets me down, showing me species I never knew even existed and seeing how so well adapted each one was to their specific niche in this world.
LovebirdBetter as a PairNesting HamerkopWeaver of my NestFinal TouchesAbdim's StorkGray Crowned CranesCommon OstrichVultures RoostMaribou StorkLilac Breasted RollerLilac Breasted Roller in FlightRed-Billed OxpeckerWhite-Browed Sparrow WeaverOpen Billed StorkGrey-Headed KingfisherBlack Heron TrickeryStanding HamerkopWhite-Fronted Bee-eaterAfrican Sacred Ibis