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Flying over the Okavango Delta, we were surprised by the starkness of the landscape, as the rains had not yet come to fill in the Delta. The wet and dry seasons of the varied African environs are certainly being affected by climate change. This was a fun adventure as we and all our camping gear were 'poled' into the heart of the Delta while sitting back riding in a mokoro. We then embarked on walking safaris, and a sunset 'cruise' before racing back to camp and hunkering down because the rains were finally here! Once it started it did not stop and we were glad to be on high ground. The next day as we made our way down the river, my warm rain bathing suit attire was no fit for the threatening onset of hypothermia. With numb arms and blue lips, the irony was not lost on me that here in Africa I came closest to being hypothermic, rather than all the winters I've spent in Yellowstone!
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